St. Mary’s Academy is a Catholic school for girls, rooted in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Our mission is to nurture young women in spirit, mind, and body, so that each student reaches her full potential as an individual created in God’s image.


St. Mary’s Academy is committed to being a preeminent educator of young women so that they can become leaders in the service of the community and of the church. Our vision is that each graduate be empowered with:

  • a personal and active faith in God.
  • a set of moral values based on an appreciation of the Catholic faith.
  • a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to service and generosity to others.
  • a love of learning and a desire for excellence in all endeavors.
  • an awareness of her gifts.
  • a complement of academic, leadership and social skills.
  • a commitment to the pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Students are at the heart of all decisions and activities at St. Mary’s Academy. That's why we're committed to these values.

Faith Formation

Educating in the faith by infusing gospel values of Jesus and providing varied religious and faith experiences that inspire students to become informed, spiritually alive, moral women.

Charism Integration

Infusing the Charism of the SNJM throughout the curriculum and all activities of the school community in support of the lifelong faith journey of our students.

Academics, Learning and Innovation

Cultivating an intellectually engaging program which prepares students for success in post-secondary education and the challenges of a changing world.

Leadership Development

Providing an environment and opportunities which encourage young women to identify and develop their talents and leadership potential.


Nurturing a foundation for lifelong well-being for all students to develop positive emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Social Responsibility

Educating to a social awareness that challenges each member of the school community to act justly which encourages service to the poor and disadvantaged.

Inclusive Community

Fostering a school community that respects the dignity of the human person, reflects diversity, and welcomes students from all socio-economic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

Partnership with Parents

Collaborating with parents and encouraging open communication and involvement in the SMA community.


Planning and operating strategically with the goal of financial stability, program excellence, and future vitality and viability.