Admission to St. Mary’s Academy is based upon the Academy’s ability to meet the needs of the applicant, and the applicant’s potential to successfully complete the university entrance academic program and to make a positive contribution to the school community.

Applications are accepted for all grades with Grade 7 as the main entry level. There is a secondary entry level at Grade 9 but space is limited with only 25-30 new students accepted.

The admissions process is competitive. Each year there are more applicants than spaces available. Favourable consideration is given to applicants from a Catholic parochial school, to those who are active members of a Catholic parish and to those whose sister or mother attended SMA.

The admissions process begins each Fall for the next school year. Refer to the Admissions Calendar below for important dates and deadlines.

Application Procedure


Application Process

1. Click the 'Request Application' link above to request an Application and submit your completed forms.

2. Two copies of the academic reference form (link found above) are to be completed by two separate people at the student’s current school and sent directly by the school to the SMA Admissions Office.

3. Submit a copy of the applicant’s most recent report card for the current year prior to your interview. Submit a copy of the applicant’s final report as soon as it becomes available in June.

4. Parents/guardians should complete the upper portion of the Pastor/Faith Leader form (link found above) and give it to the pastor. The pastor completes the bottom portion and sends the form directly to the Admissions Office at the Academy. Applicants without a church affiliation are asked to provide a letter of reference attesting to the applicant’s personal qualities.

5. Applicants must write an entrance assessment at one of the scheduled sittings at the Academy throughout February and March. Families will be contacted with more information upon receipt of a completed application.

6. The format for Interviews for applicants and their parents has changed. Families will be contacted with more information upon receipt of a completed application.

7. Notifications of acceptance are mailed by mid-April. Acceptance is contingent upon the applicant’s successful completion of the current academic year.

8. When an applicant is notified of acceptance, an enrollment contract is enclosed. When the signed contract is returned with a $600 deposit (non-refundable but credited toward tuition) the student is fully enrolled at St. Mary’s Academy.

9. An appointment for a uniform fitting and purchase is included with the notification of acceptance.

Admissions Calendar

We are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.

January 18, 2022: Virtual Open House at 7:00 PM

February 3, 2022: Deadline for applications for 2022-2023 school year.

February and March 2022: Entrance Assessments and Interviews. Families will be contacted with information upon receipt of a completed application.

Mid–April: Admission decisions and notifications.

May 1, 2022: Enrolment documentation and tuition deposit due.

May 1, 2022: Bursary Application due.

Mid–May: Appointments for uniform fittings & purchases.

June: Final report card due.