Application deadline: Friday, August 18, 2023

Students who wish to park on St. Mary’s Academy’s grounds are required to have a parking pass. The fee for a parking pass is $150. Each student must apply for a parking pass. Parking spots are limited.

To be considered eligible for a parking spot, students must hold a valid Class 5-I (Intermediate) driver licence as of August 18, 2023. Students with Class 5-L (Learner) learner licences are not eligible to apply. If a student obtains a Class 5-I license after the application deadline, they may contact the Reception Office and ask to be placed on the waiting list. Waitlisted students will be notified if a spot becomes available.

Priority will be given to grade 12 students and students who live outside Winnipeg. Only students displaying a valid parking pass may park on school property, in their assigned stall. In the event students do not receive a parking spot, street parking is available around the school. Students parking off-site are reminded to comply with Winnipeg parking by-laws as they may be ticketed or towed.  


Application Deadline:
Friday, August 18

Complete the parking application
and attach a copy of your 5-I
(Intermediate) driver licence. Drop
off at the Reception Office or submit
to parking@smamb.ca.

Students will be notified via their
SMA email account whether they
have been allocated a parking spot.
Emails will be sent by Friday,
August 25.

Students who are not allocated a
parking spot will be placed on the
waiting list and notified if a spot
becomes available.

STEP 2: PAY THE $150

Please do not pay the
fee unless you have been
allocated a parking spot.

If allocated a parking spot, the next
step is to pay the $150 parking fee.
The fee may be paid:

• By e-transfer sent to

• By cheque at the Reception
Office, when picking up
your parking pass.

For e-transfers, include the student
name and “parking” so we can apply
your payment. Cheques are payable
to St. Mary’s Academy.


Monday, August 28 to
Wednesday, September 6

Students who have been allocated a
parking spot and paid the fee may
collect their parking pass and stall
number at the Reception Office
(hours below).

Please bring e-transfer payment
confirmation (screenshot/printout)
or your cheque payment.

Once classes start on September
7, only students displaying a valid
parking pass may park on
school property.

Unclaimed passes may be revoked
and reassigned to a waitlisted student.

Parking applications are to be dropped off in SMA's Reception Office. Anyone with questions may call our Reception line at 204-477-0244 or email parking@smamb.ca.