St. Mary’s Academy, established in 1869, is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Our legacy of learning, faith, service, and leadership defines the Academy as a distinguished girls’ school where students graduate empowered with knowledge, aware of their gifts, possess a desire for excellence in all endeavours, and embrace a sense of
social responsibility to use their abilities in the service of others.

Messages from our alumnae

The All-Girls Advantage

Our young women enjoy the benefits of single-gender education. Read more about the advantages of an all-girls environment and watch this video to learn more about St. Mary's Academy and the advantage it offers young women.

Academic Excellence

High academic expectations promote the values of hard work and personal responsibility and encourage student achievement. Learn more about our intellectually challenging program at SMA.

Preparation for post-secondary

SMA graduates, with few exceptions, pursue higher education immediately after high school. They have an impressive record of being accepted into the universities, colleges and programs of their choice. Graduates report being well prepared to meet the academic challenges of post secondary studies and to manage their time effectively. Well trained, enthusiastic faculty present a challenging, focused, university entrance program in an orderly, nurturing learning environment.

Community and Faith Life

SMA students and staff are a community that's built and fostered by a variety of school activities and gatherings. We're grounded in our belief that each person is created in the image and likeness of God and worthy of respect and caring.

Our young women are immersed in a community where God is part of everyday life and where emphasis is placed upon social responsibility and service, especially to the poor and disadvantaged. Read more about Faith Life at SMA, as well as the Clubs & Activities that are part of Student Life

In Service of Others

Being of service to others at a local, national, or global level is instilled in our young women. Our Service Learning program teaches and encourages students to actively respond to needs in the community, church, school, neighbourhoods, and beyond. In doing so, they foster a deep sense of empathy, responsibility, and civic engagement, which prepares them to be thoughtful and compassionate leaders in society. Through these experiences, our students not only contribute positively to the communities they serve, but also acquire a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of today's world, and the impactful role they can play in shaping a more inclusive and just future.

Extra curricular and athletics

Our staff is committed to education of the whole person. A variety of extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for young women to explore a range of personal interests, and to develop talents, leadership and social skills. Above all, students learn the value of engaging actively in their community.

Student athletes participate on competitive athletic teams, many of which advance to playoffs. The summer basketball/volleyball sports camp for grade 7 promotes participation and further skills development.

First-Class Facilities

Students, staff and alumnae take pride in our attractive grounds and well-maintained facility, especially the heritage portions. Upgrades to the 1909 classroom wing include the Richardson Science Wing and human ecology labs as well as air-conditioning. Expansion and upgrades to the 1963 building include Durocher Library, a fine arts studio and fitness room. The most recent expansion, completed in the summer of 2013 includes the Sheila Chipman Atrium and the Theatre Arts/Music Wing.

Students and staff have access to more than 200 computers, Office 365, numerous projectors, smart boards, and various other peripherals. A plan developed by the Board of Directors ensures that technology is kept current.