Extracurricular activities enable students to discover new talents and make new friends.

We encourage all students to participate in the wide range of activities taking place at lunch hour or after school. Each September we hold an assembly to introduce our clubs and activities. When new activities are developed, students are informed through the daily bulletin and PA announcements.

2021-2022 Clubs and Activities

@ Instagram

  • Athletics: @smaathletics

  • Mission & Charism Community: @mccommunitysma

  • Green Team: @sma.greenteam

  • Human Rights Team: @smahumanrights

  • Mission Club: @sma_missionclub

  • Peer Support Team: @smapeersupport

  • Special Events: @spevsma

  • STEM Club: @smastemclub

  • The Spark Newspaper: @thesparknewspaper

  • Unity Group: @sma_unity

  • Yearbook Club: @sma.yearbook

  • Well Being Group: @wellbeingsma

  • Art and Clay Club

  • Choir: Con Spiritu Club

  • Debate: S.M.A.C.K.E.D

  • Dramatic Arts