Athletics are for all interested and energetic students. Team sports are available at all grade levels, with opportunities to also develop skills on developmental teams.

Flames Athletic Teams

Cross Country Junior (7/8) and Senior (9-12) September & October


7, 8, 9, Jr Varsity, Varsity
September - December
Indoor Soccer Varsity (9 -12) October - March
Ice Hockey 9 - 12 September - Spring Break
Basketball Junior (7/8), 9, Jr Varsity, Varsity November - Spring Break
Outdoor Soccer Varsity 9 - 12 April to early June
Badminton 7, 8, 9, Senior (9-12) April, May
Rugby Varsity (9 - 12) April - early June
Track & Field Junior (7-9) Senior (9-12) April - Early June
Golf 9 -12 September/October and/or May

Fitness Room

Our fitness room is outfitted with commercial grade strength and conditioning equipment, and has enough stations to accomodate an entire class. It has become a popular alternative to the gym for physical education classes. Students in grades 10–12, as well as staff, are encouraged to work out before school, during spares and at lunch. Before using the room, students must sign and submit a copy of the Fitness Room Guidelines to their phys ed teacher.

Intramural Program

At SMA, our Intramural Program is run by the Athletics Council and is supervised by the Phys Ed staff. The program evolves each year, based on student suggestion and interest. In recent years, we have hosted sports such as dodgeball, floor hockey and indoor soccer.

Intramurals take place during the lunch hour on days not conflicting with other major lunchtime activities. The gym is open at 12:45 p.m. for student use when no intramurals or afternoon practices are taking place.