Service Learning

Service Learning is an essential component of the SMA religion program. It is considered a Cumulative Common Assessment (CCA) which is worth 10% of the final grade for grades 7 and 8 and 15% of the final grade for grades 9-12. In order for students to be eligible for awards in grade 12 they must have completed their service learning each year.

Service Learning 2021-2022

Service Learning is an integral part of a St. Mary’s Academy education and our students understand how these hands-on learning experiences broaden and deepen their perspectives. There is nothing quite like looking into the eyes of another and knowing that the time you’ve spent with them has uplifted their life in some way, and changed yours too. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, hands-on service learning can be challenging so our Mission and Charism and Religion Departments re-imagined the process to allow our students the benefit of these experiences. The departments came up with a host of creative ways for students to serve from a safe distance. The Service Learning opportunities are organized on Cast Fire Cards (same idea as a Bingo card) and are grade-specific. The grade 11s and 12s have the option between Indirect Service and Direct Service (see explanation in the "Torch Service Learning Requirements" document linked below). 

Grades 7 and 8

Spark Cast Fire Card


Grades 9 and 10

Flame Cast Fire Card


Grades 11 and 12

Torch Cast Fire Card


Looking for Inspiration?


Each column provides you with a box that allows you to be creative with your service. To generate some ideas, you can check out the Bulletin Board outside of the Mission and Charism office or you can check out these links.