2021 Awards and Scholarship Recipients

Community Citizenship Award

Gabriella Barone

Member of Parliament Music Excellence Award

Danielle Borbajo

St. Paul’s College Alumni & Friends Association Incorporated Entrance Scholarship

Eleni Athanasopoulos

St. Paul’s College Ellen Dryden Finlay Entrance Scholarship

Caitlyn Willison

St. Paul’s College Jesuit Entrance Scholarship

Simone Blanco

St. Mary’s Academy Parents’ Guild School Citizenship Award

Olivia Chivers

St. Mary’s Academy Parents’ Guild Scholarship

Jessica Haner

St. Mary’s Academy Board of Directors Scholarships
Excellence in Athletics
Excellence in Extra-Curricular Activities

Nicole Black
Kyla Goulet-Kilgour, Oluwadamilola Ojo

St. Mary’s Academy Foundation Board of Directors Award

Julia Armstrong

St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae Spirit Award

Kelsey Smart

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary Scholarship

Danielle Borbajo

St. Marguerite d’Youville Excellence Scholarship

Theresa James

Catholic Foundation of Manitoba Scholarship

Olivia Chivers

Friesen Yearbook Award

Eniayo Akinyemi, Lily Francis

Lifetouch Scholarship

Ruth Getachew, Ireland Smith

Chown Centennial Scholarship

Lily Francis