We celebrate Mother Marie-Rose Week (MMR Week) each year during the week of Oct. 6. It's an opportunity for our SMA community to continue learning about our SNJM Foundress through activities, gatherings with the Sisters, and our MMR Feast Day Mass.

Mother Marie-Rose

Eulalie Durocher (Oct. 6, 1811-1839) was the youngest child of Olivier and Genève Durocher, born in St. Antoine‐sur‐Richelieu. Raised in a devout French Canadian Catholic family, she was taught generosity, hospitality and compassion. Although she struggled with poor health from a young age, Eulalie was a joy-filled, prayerful, strong-willed girl with a fiery spirit.

Between the ages of 18 and 31, she managed the parish rectory in Beloeil, Quebec where her brother was the pastor. There she developed her leadership skills and deeper desire to serve God's people, especially the girls who were not being educated. In 1843 she and two other women founded the Congregation of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary — the first Canadian born teaching Congregation. It is here that she became Mother Marie-Rose because she is named the first Superior General of the congregation.